11/12/2015 f4

Fukuoka City

This is the view of central and eastern part of the city. Hakata Bay is left side and Noko Island is in the bay. Fukuoka City, located about 900 km to the west from Tokyo, is a center of the economy, politics, transportation in Kyushu Island. It is one of the most vibrant cities in […]

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24/11/2015 nightsecene

Fukuoka night view

There are many places for taking night scene pictures in Fukuoka city. Hakata Port Tower is one of them. Hakata Port Tower is well known as a landmark of Hakata Bay and Fukuoka city. You can enjoy the great 360 degree panoramic wide view from the observatory of 70 meters above the ground in the […]

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24/03/2015 aso7

Mt. Aso

“A beautiful grassland” “Isshingyo Cherry Bloosom” “The Aso plain planted rice” “Unkai – cloud sea in the Aso valley” “Volcano crater of Mt. Aso” “Kometsuka – lovely and perfect mountain” “A rice field” “After mowing” “Takamoridon(cedar tree)” “A small shrine in fall” “Soft rime” Beautiful Kyushu Japan!

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27/08/2014 yamakasa1


The Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival is a rite of the Kushida Shrine. It carries on a tradition of over 760 years. The Yamakasa festival is very famous nationwide in Japan. The big decorated portable shrines are carried by about 30 men through the Hakata area. The highlight of the Yamakasa “the Oiyama” is really exciting […]

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18/08/2014 noko

Nokonoshima island

The field mustard blossoms in Nokonoshima island are now at their peak! It is easy for you to visit this island by 15 minutes’s ferry boat from Fukuoka city. The fare for the ferry boat between Meinohama port and Nokonoshima island will be 220 yen one-way. Fukuoka Municipal Ferry Service >> Download the time table […]

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17/08/2014 festival4

Festivals in Fukuoka city

“Hakata Dontaku” The Dontaku is held on May 3 and 4 in Hakata, Fukuoka city. You can see so many people parade through the streets in various costumes, some playing Japanese unique instruments and clapping wooden spoons for scoping rice during the Dontaku Festival that is a corruption of the Dutch word Zontag, meaning Sunday. “Setsubun […]

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21/03/2014 cherry6

The cherry blossom season

Tochoji temple in Fukuoka city The cherry blossom season has come again this year. Cherry blossom is a flower that symbolizes Japan and the Japanese have a special feeling about it. They are in bloom in springtime, but gone very soon. Tochoji temple, Fukuoka Castle Ruins, Nishi park and so on in Fukuoka city is […]

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03/02/2014 setsubun

Spring festival “Setsubun” in Japan

Setsubun is the festival celebrating the day before the beginning of Spring, on 3rd Feb every year in Japan. Setsbun festivals is held nationwide at shrines and so on in Japan. At Kushida shrine in Fukuoka city, the festival also is held on 3rd Feb with so many crowd because famous Kabuki actors attend this […]

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